I love chrome’s search engine management features. If you spend a lot of time in chrome + google drive/docs/etc and you aren’t already using the following shortcuts you might enjoy trying this out:

  1. Chrome > Settings > Manage search engines

  2. Other Search Engines > Add

  3. Name the search engine whatever

  4. Choose a keyword that you want to type into the address bar to launch the webpage

  5. Use whatever URL you want to access in the URL field

  6. Hit Add and enjoy a new level of productivity

For example, I have my browser setup with the following:

“doc” launches

“slide” launches

“sheet” launches

typing “d” and then hitting space lets me search my google drive from my address bar instead of navigating to the drive page.

It’s not a huge change, but I think it vastly improves using all of these services.

Any other browser based productivity improvements that I should know about?