consulting services

I have been in leadership roles at successful hardware startups for the past several years. If you are part of an early stage startup - or a larger company that wants to operate like a startup - I can help you improve your products and business operations in several different ways. 


product development 

I have created two very different products. 

PlantLink was an internet connected soil moisture sensor for gardeners. The product was based on custom hardware and software including a single board PCB sensor, zigbee wireless communication, and a database of more than 50,000 unique plants. Scotts Miracle Gro currently manufactures the latest version of Plantlink, now called the Gro Water Sensor. 

The Fuse 1 is a selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printer. It produces parts with the same mechanical properties and dimensional accuracy as traditional SLS printers but costs less than 10% of their typical sale price. I led a team that included mechanical, electrical, optical, software, and materials engineers through multiple iterations of the product. The Fuse 1 is scheduled to ship in 2019. 

As the technical architect for these products I have led the entire lifecycle from brainstorming at the whiteboard to shipping thousands of units to customers. I'm available to help with just about any part of product development, but I'm probably most helpful in these three areas: 

product management

If you find your team failing to meet deadlines, delivering prototypes that perform below spec, or just generally struggling to make progress I can help you get back on the right track. 

technical architecture

I can work with you to systematically review your entire technical roadmap, engineering architecture, and development goals with an eye towards delivering better products faster for less money. 

mechanical engineering  

I don't spend as much time on specific design or analysis work these days, but I'm always interested in working through interesting mechanical engineering problems. I'm best at heat transfer, mechanisms, and design for manufacturability in roughly that order. 



business growth 

Great products need great businesses to reach their full potential. As a startup leadership veteran I've worn a lot of hats. A few of the areas where I've been the most successful include... 


Do you need to change your hiring process or implement one from scratch? I have successfully created process to hire for roles ranging from business development and sales to engineering and manufacturing. 

team management

My management philosophy has developed over the course of growing and leading teams of up to 35 people. I've implemented everything from daily stand up meetings to skip level 1-1s and performance review systems from scratch. 

partnerships and business development

I've created partnerships multiple times in the past. I can assist you in identifying, approaching, and developing strategic partnerships with other companies in your industry as needed. 


I've helped develop both B2C and B2B go-to-market plans  in the past. I can help you develop or improve your strategy for connecting customers to your products. 

contact me 

Interested in talking? Send me a message with a brief description of what you would like me to work on and we'll get the conversation rolling.