I did it. I managed to completely neglect my blog for over a year. 

When I started this in the fall of 2014 it was part of an effort to keep myself busy while I transitioned out of my role at my last company. I enjoyed having a focal point for my thoughts and feelings during that season of my life, but I didn't prioritize it over my other responsibilities once I started my new role at Formlabs. I spent the majority of 2015 running a project that I can't openly discuss. It is incredibly exciting and there will be a lot to say someday, but for now I'll just say that I'm working on something different from the products we have released in the past and leave it at that. More to come in the future. 

Why the recap? 

I'm going to attempt to restart this blog during 2016. The topic for this year will probably be somewhat meandering, but I'd like to have a place where I can talk about some of my past failures more openly and chronicle some of the intersting things that I'm doing right now. I suppose my ultimate goal will be to pass on what I've learned so that it doesn't just remain inside my own head. 

This is typically where I would talk about some of the content that I plan on posting, but I'll just share this TED talk instead. 

I suppose I'm already violating this principle by just talking about starting up again. Oh well.