I’m turning 27 today.

I had a fairly long blog post written up about my experiences this past weekend, but it’s not that festive, so I think I’ll delay it for a day. Instead I’m going to do a list of the most memorable events of each year of my life so far. This is just off of the top of my head, so apologies if it seems glib or if I missed anything important. 

0-7 Everything more or less runs together here. I'm sure I have memories of this time, but I can't really pinpoint them by year. 

8 Seeing Mission: Impossible,  my first PG-13 movie,  in the theater with my uncle. 

9 Buying a gameboy at GameStop. 

10 Losing my grandpa. Getting sick while seeing Godzilla in theaters and subsequently getting sick at the smell of movie theaters. (This lasted until 2002)

11 Visiting the grand canyon with my family.

12 Becoming obsessed with Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.

13 Breaking my wrist at a skatepark.

14 Teaching two year olds to swim during the summer.

15 Building my first computer.

16 Having my first high school crush.

17 Deciding I wanted to be an engineer while reading books about physics in the Arlington public library.

18 Winning the Gates Millennium Scholarship and matriculating at Baylor University. Possibly studying SAT vocabulary words.  

19 Meeting the love of my life.

20 Losing one internship and then finding two others in the aerospace industry in 14 days. 

21 Asking Lisa to marry me in Shanghai.

22 Getting married to the coolest person ever.

23 Getting into graduate school. Winning a bunch of fellowships. Getting a funding commitment for my first company. 

24 Buying our first house.

25 Landing $20k in Kickstarter pledges in 20 hours. 

26 Too many things have happened in the past year to pick one.

Visiting Europe for the first time. 

Shipping PlantLink.

Moving to Boston.

Traveling all over the country.

Selling our first house.

Moving back to Champaign. 

Going on a cruise with Lisa.

Closing down my first company.


Thanks to everyone who has participated in my life up to this point. (You know who you are). Here's to a few more years with all of you and many more memories to come.