combo breaker

Yesterday was the first weekday that I didn't blog about something since starting this project. I suppose it is no surprise that I would fail to keep the streak alive forever. Sooner or later I would have a distraction during the day that would keep me from writing.

If I want to form a habit I'm going to have to learn to push through those distractions until writing becomes something I can do - or maybe even have to do - without planning it out. No one has to remind me to grab my cell phone the instant I wake up in the morning to check my email - that's a bad habit that I've formed all on my own.

From what I understand the key to developing good habits is setting large goals but very small tasks. For instance, my large goal might be writing over 300 blog posts in a year, or getting one of my pieces picked up by a major online portal, or perhaps getting more than a specific number of readers. I haven't made a goal like that yet, so perhaps that is part of my problem.

That's all well and good, but my small goal would be to write a few hundred words each day without fail. By grinding out a few essays, especially when I don't want to, I'm developing the writing skills I'll need to reach those larger goals. 

So, here I am. Writing again. I realize that writing a blog post about writing blog posts is probably the most boring thing in the world to read about. That's ok though - this record is more for myself than for anyone else.